One out of eight persons go without food each day. 40% of those are children, 20% are senior citizens.

HTM Mobile Food Shelf partners with the community in supplying food at both permanent and temporary sites for those who cannot afford to purchase food on their own. Supplying food for those who are unemployed, underemployed, disabled, sick and elderly who would normally go hungry without our services.

One of the ways we differ from most food shelves is in not having financial guidelines or geographical borders making it possible to serve those who the county food shelves don’t.

Another way we differ is by taking time with each client, giving them the opportunity to share what is happening in their life, offering to pray with them for their concerns, giving them practical help and hope at a time many find themselves overwhelmed, confused and friendless.

Our volunteers are local at each food shelf purposefully bringing the neighborhoods and those we serve together under one vision “To help one another”.

Why are HTM Food Shelves necessary? HTM is not bound by geographic or income level guidelines. Each day hard working families are faced with falling behind on their mortgage, or faced with a decision on whether to pay the light bill or eat. The lower middle class is on the brink of financial ruins due to a vehicle breaking down or sickness in the family. These people who make more than $17,000 a year cannot get assistance from the ‘normal’ government run shelves. Their services are only for the poor.

HTM desires to reach those who need a couple of months of help to keep from going under. That is the uniqueness of HTM. We can help your neighbors keep their homes; keep their heads above the waters during crisis. HTM is not looking to replace the county’s food shelves. Our goal, our target is to provide for those who cannot receive help from any other agency.

There are many situations that may put someone in need of help: Job loss, illness, abandonment, death of the wage earner- the list goes on. Anyone of us could find ourselves needing help.


You can help eleviate hunger in your area!

What can you do to help?

  • Sponsor a food drive
  • Collect money– each dollar donated can buy 4 to 6  times more food than average buying
  • Send out donation letters to your neighbors, co-workers, Sunday School group, etc.
  • Stock Shelves

Minnesota food shelfEmail, phone 612-709-6762 or write for information on how you can volunteer and help feed the hungry in your neighborhood.

HTM Mobile Food Shelves
13335 Palomino Drive, Suite 204
Apple Valley  MN 55124

Emergency service is available. ( Call 612-749-0050).

Locations currently served:

Savage     Arlington     Winthrop     St Paul     Mille Lacs     Ham Lake     Black Duck

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