By: A food shelf volunteer

Just the other day, I was standing in a room and noticed a woman across the way looking at me. You know that look, the one where they are sure they know you but just can’t quite place where they know you from. Moments later a look of recognition came over her face and she rushed over to where I was standing. With great effort, we communicated; between her fluent Spanish and my limited Spanish we figured out that we knew each other from the HTM Food shelf in Savage, MN.

With deep emotion she recalled how we had prayed with her when her husband was sent to prison. She was so grateful that we helped her get diapers when her baby was small and there was no money for expensive diapers. From her perspective, HTM had changed the direction of her life; we gave her hope when she had none. She said it had been some time since she “needed” to come get food at the food shelf.

It does not always seem like what we do for the people matters when we do not see immediate results. People hurry in to get some food and a quick prayer, then after 30 minutes of shopping, they rush back to their lives. But she had remembered me across that room, because I had prayed with her when she came to the food shelf. After we parted I felt such exhilaration, it was one of those moments when God reminded me that good works do matter.

Isaiah 45:5 – I will strengthen you and prepare you for this day, transforming your fear into confident trust.



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