By Judy Heilman Konop

Matthew 5:16- Let your light so shine before men, that They may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.

Everybody likes a good birthday party.  When you think of young girls at a party you envision giggles and talk of boys along with the pizza, birthday cake and games.  But recently one young lady who volunteers at HTM Food Shelf wanted to make sure her party was not going to be just any old birthday party; she had a plan to make her birthday special.  The party was not going to be about her, but about sharing how good it feels to be part of something bigger than yourself.  Her party was going to be about giving gifts to strangers not getting them from friends.

Invitations were sent asking each girl not to bring gifts for her, but to come with money to donate to the food shelf!  She told them that instead of playing games, they would be sharing the task of sorting food and stocking the shelves to prepare for the food shelf being held in Savage.  On the day of the party everyone invited came to work and many had a gift of money.  Some parents knew that money could buy six to ten times more food.  Everyone was getting in on this great idea.

There were still giggles and laughter, but more talk about how they were helping others than about boys.  They had stacked hundreds of cans of food neatly on the shelves. When the task was done they wanted to return and help again another day.  They went home, feeling good about what they had done.  There are those who learn early in life that it feels good to make a difference. This girl is one of them. We applaud her selflessness and hope all her future birthdays are wonderful.

How we teach others that “I made a difference” feeling generally comes by doing it, not by telling them about it.  Time is precious and even small chunks of time given on a regular basis matters.  We may not provide you with a birthday party, but I am sure that one of us at HTM can help you find a way to feel good.  Sharing your time on a regular basis is like a birthday party that never ends.




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