a story shared by Judy Konop


It was a sunny afternoon in August when I got a call from our food shelf coordinator at HTM. As a volunteer I was being asked to help. Our food shelf occasionally provides food in emergency situations. A mother had been hauled off to jail and her three children (11-13-14) were at home with no food and their aunt was calling for help while she was driving to be with them.

Volunteers moved into action immediately, meat was pulled out of a freezer, fresh produce pulled out of the HTM garden and the food pantry was raided to pull together simple meals that even an 11 year old could make in case they were hungry. Enough food to last until the next food shelf date.

Normally we do not travel to the people to provide emergency assistance, but the family lived nearby and the delivery was to be made. As I drove to their home, I kept wondering what I could say to provide comfort and hope for those who would get the food. I wondered how else I could help. But, no words seemed to be enough nor no amount of money tossed their way could change the circumstance that they were now in.

As I pulled up to the driveway, I noticed the signs of neglect and the cigarette butts in the grass. My nature was to judge, but as I parked a small child came to the window and said “Are you our food angel?” Well, God does have a way of taking over when necessary. And I could only nod and open the car door to become the hands and feet of our Lord. Sometimes our words are not necessary, God only asks for a willing heart to make you a FOOD ANGEL.


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