It seems like such a simple thing – an ear of corn served next to a hot dog on a bun: the joy of summer on a cob.  But the corn served at the tables of those who come to HTM food shelves comes with something extra. Let’s start at the beginning of the story.

Early in the spring of 2012 a garden was started with acres of corn and all those other things you see at the farmers market.   An elementary school in Lakeville, MN donated the tomato and pepper plants that they had raised from seed as a project in the winter. A group called PROJECT FOOD PATCH shared their field with us and so it began. The farmer donated his time to plow the ground, men came with their tillers and tilled the soil, and dozens of people came to plant, putting their hands into the dirt and their prayers to heaven for the harvest.  They weeded, tilled, watered when it did not rain and they waited for the harvest.  God provided rain, the sun, the breeze to keep the bugs off and the miracle.  Seeds became plants, plants produced the harvest.  The corn grew knee high by the 4th of July and the harvest began on that summer night in August.

It is not a machine that picked this corn; it is a group of loving and caring individuals. As we stood in prayer before we started you could hear the silence: corn growing someone said.  Laughter soon filled the air with comments about what type of critters lived in a garden and banter on how much each person could pick.  But as they laughed they picked.  To stand back and watch from heaven, God would have seen what appeared to be a colony of workers going to and fro gathering corn. And so it was on that summer night they worked until the sun went down and gathered over 1000 pounds of corn; bag after bag of corn.

When the picking was done, with dirty hands we stood in a circle and prayed over the corn.  We prayed for those who would eat it, that they may know the love from those that picked it and the love of the Father who provided it to them.  It is that something extra, that LOVE from ABOVE that made this corn special.  That same week over 60 families were given 2 dozen ears of corn each to take home to serve their families.  Just an ear of corn on the plate you say, no much more.  Not just the joy of summer on a cob, but the Love of God.  And so it is, God’s love given in an ear of corn.


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  1. Good writer – but I could not see the photo taken that night, I was sorry that the people who did the picking were not represented.

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