An experienced firefighter was charged yesterday with grave  neglect of duty. Prosecutors maintain that he abandoned his responsibility and betrayed the people of the city when he failed to release rescue equipment during a recent fire, resulting in the the needless and tragic deaths of a family of five.

The prosecuting attorney said that for more than three minutes after arriving at the scene, the fireman sat in his vehicle, wearing ear-phones and listening to a CD, while a family of five screamed to be rescued form the top of a burning building. Bystanders reported that, as the flames licked at the mothers clothing, she cried out in terror and fell to her death, still holding an infant in her arms.

The onlookers also said that the father was holding two children as he was engulfed by flames. This took place in full view of the fireman as he was sitting in the truck listening to a CD.

At the trial the defense pleaded, “no contest,” but added that the CD the defendant was listening to was a new release of some great “Praise and Worship” music by a Christian Band. The fireman simply wanted to hear the entire song. He is hoping that the judge will take this into consideration when passing sentence.

Perhaps you’re saying, “That’s ridiculous. A firefighter would never do such a thing.” Allow me to apply the parable; If you and I are not seeking to save the lost, are we not in effect, negligent firefighters? That’s a sobering question, isn’t it?

Am I saying that if we don’t evangelize, we’re not saved? Of course not, but if we expect a fireman to make saving lives a priority, are we honest enough to judge ourselves by the same standard? Are we doing all that we can to rescue the lost, or are we simply sitting in the pews, praising and worshipping, while people are perishing in the fire.


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